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Evolution of bollywood music

Wall Street Journal - set the content width of the site based on a percentage of the whole window.

India Today - "The five-minute-long video has gone viral on YouTube both for its fine vocals and evolving sartorial style."

The Hindu - "It’s almost dreamy to imagine a stage filled with 15 well-suited boys making music out of thin air…and some strong vocal training."

HuffingtonPost - "Even if you know nothing about Bollywood, this video will still make you want to dance."


FirstPost - "The boys known for their Bollywood mashups, bring together different genres in this impressive remix."

Deccan Chronicle - "I love the fact that they’ve taken Hindi hits and wonderfully combined them in one video. It was thoroughly enjoyable."


Telegraph India - "That moment when Anil Chitrapu took an epic selfie that captured the audience and the girls flashed ‘V’ signs!"

StoryPick - "Somehow, with his beautiful voice, the melodies sound even better and romantic than what those songs sound on their own.

Masala mashups

Aamir Khan - "Ganatantra Divas ki shubhkaamnayein sab hi ko."

BuzzFeed - 'Penn Masala, just released a beautiful mashup of "Humko Man Ki Shakti Dena" and "Imagine".'


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