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Hey! I'm Anil.

Thanks for checking out my site. Most of the other pages are talking about music, so here's a little bit about me that isn't what you see/hear on YouTube:

  • I'm originally from Philadelphia but far prefer Sheetz to Wawa. Where else can you get a spinach burrito or peppermint hot chocolate at 3AM?
  • My Discover Weekly Spotify playlist likely sucks if you listen because my music tastes range from chill coffeeshop to k-pop to tropical house to emo rock
  • My favorite YouTuber is without a doubt Casey Neistat. I wish that I had 1/100th of his creativity when it comes to videography
  • Honest Toms > Mexicali > Dos Toros > Don Memo's > Chipotle
  • Whenever I don't understand something in Telugu I say "chala santosham" and that usually gets me out of any issues
  • I went to both Penn and Penn State so I don't really get bothered when people confuse the two
  • One of my friends when I was younger used to call me "Nilla Wafer"
  • Surprisingly, Dilip and I are, in fact, not a couple!
  • I was part of an a cappella group called Penn Masala and got to do some cool stuff with them and meet the most incredible friends and fans in the world
  • I'm having a lot of fun making music on my social media channels – I'd really appreciate if you would give them a listen/subscribe and support me if you enjoy (:

Feel free to hit me up if you have any inquiries – I try to keep a relatively open book but would be happy to answer any questions (music, design/photography, favorite ice cream flavor). Thanks again :)